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Get notified of the best content and online classes on everything from Slash and Guitar techniques.


Learn to master guitar on specific bases and solos in Guns n Roses

Experience for more than years in the market,
acting in the main bands of Brazil and Europe

Updated classes and all techniques used by the greatest guitarist in history, SLASH.

Tenha conteúdo exclusivo para aprender o segredo de técnicas de guitarra no estilo

Guns n Roses com o melhor especialista do mercado. 

During classes you will learn to play songs from various Guns albums, understand techniques used on solos, Rifs. All materials are highly theoretically detailed and practical. You will also receive exclusive materials for a great exchange of experience

Henrik Hartigton is Experience in the Matter.

Bachelor of Creative Music Performance

Winner of contests like: Guitar World and Slash Anastasia cover contest Winner 2013
Seymour Duncan Mayones solo competition 2014
F.I.C.O 40 years edition Winner of São Paulo.

Touring Brazil and Europe with several Guns N Roses cover bands (England, Denmark and Brazil).

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

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