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The high level of attention to detail with a focus on all aspects on this legendary album will help you improve your guitar playing.

2020-02-08 Guns 2 Roses - De Cacaofabrie


Learn all about Slash's style on the classic album Appetite For Destruction. Play all the songs note for note and learn to play with an authentic Slash style.

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For: £97,00

Lifetime access

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Simple and accessible video guidance

Step by step teaching method with repition

Tablature and Guitar Pro files included

Accurate tabs for all of the songs

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What you can add to your guitar repetoire by learning this album!

Groove (Mr.Brownstone)

arpeggiated patterns (Paradise city, My Michelle, Sweet Child)

Dynamics, arrangement of riffs and melodies(Paradise city, Sweet Child chorus)

Slide (Rocket Queen)

Advanced Legato (Rocket Queen, Paradise City)

To use the Wah Wah (Mr. Brownstone, Sweet Child)


Bluesy vocabulary




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- 9 Video Lessons
- Tabs included
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2020-02-08 Guns 2 Roses - De Cacaofabrie



Get to know more about your tutor.

Guitar Player Brasil 2013 - “Congratulations, Henrik! Slash chose you as the winner of the Anastasia Cover Contest ”. It was with this e-mail that Henrik Hartington, a 19-year-old Dane who has lived in Brazil since 2007, received the news that he had won the contest promoted by Slash, Guns N ’Roses, in March this year.” Citation Guitar Player 2013


Henrik Hartington started his guitar studies at the age of 13, at the age of 19 he was the winner of the Anastasia Cover Contest, an international guitar competition a partnership between Slash and the American guitar magazine Guitar World. 

Today Henrik acts in the cover band market playing the role of Slash in the British band Guns 2 Roses, a Guns N 'Roses cover band that has played with 4 original members, Steven Adler, Gilby Clarke, Frank Ferrer, Ron Thal BumbleFoot and has done several world tours through the United States, Denmark, Holland, Bahrain, Malta among many others.


Henrik is also a guitar teacher graduated from the British university Falmouth University where he did his BA with a specialisation in guitar “BA (Hons) Creative Music Performance” in partnership with the renowned Jamtrackcentral, taking classes with teachers like Martin Goulding and Guthrie Govan.

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Study at your pace whenever you want:

Your access does not expire

 Learn all songs

FOR: £97,00



I trust the methodology so much that I offer a 7-day guarantee! That's right! You can access the course and check all the material available. If, however, for any reason you want to request a refund of your money, just send an email and my team will refund any amount invested.

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